Belynda Azhaar

Welcome to the official website of professional Middle Eastern and World dance instructor, choreographer, and performer, Belynda Azhaar. Belynda is currently based in Seoul, South Korea and travels worldwide teaching workshops, performing, and judging competitions. To date she has taught workshops and performed in Australia, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam.


Belynda Azhaar is a professional Performing Artist (actress, dancer, musician, singer) and Instructor/Choreographer with more than 20 years experience in TV, stage, and screen productions. She combines her acting, music, and dance skills to create powerful performances; from soulful, to playful, to exciting! A rising star of Raqs Sharqi (a.k.a. belly dance/Middle Eastern dance/Oriental dance), Belynda Azhaar is quickly gaining popularity worldwide; she has performed workshop tours in Australia, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Malta, Mongolia, Philippines, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Music & Dance Instructor
A professional instructor specialising in adult education, Belynda Azhaar brings more than 15 years teaching experience to the classroom. She is a motivational, fun, caring, and supportive teacher known for:

  • her professional, methodical, well-organised yet flexible teaching style;
  • providing the individual attention and feedback needed for students to improve;
  • her careful explanation and detailed break-down of dance movement;
  • generously sharing her performance, musical, and cultural knowledge.
  • Event Organiser, Producer & Promoter
    To raise awareness and appreciation of Middle Eastern & World music and dance, Belynda Azhaar organises haflas in Seoul, South Korea. She also produces charity events such as the Aid Gaza Benefit Night and World Belly Dance Day fundraisers.
    As a community service to fellow dance artists and students, Belynda promotes bellydance classes, workshops, festivals, competitions and shows happening in Asia through the Bellydance Events in Asia group on Facebook.

    Researcher (Ethnomusicologist & Dance Ethnologist)
    Dr. Belynda Azhaar, PhD, is currently researching the history, culture, music, and dance of Al-Andalus, Central Asia, and the Silk Road.

    Belynda Azhaar

    >> CLICK HERE << for free online dance instructional videos with Belynda Azhaar! 벨린다 아즈하르 벨리댄스 수업 동영상!
    Feedback on Belynda Azhaar's
    online instructional videos:

    "I always watch a video with a bit of trepidation - but yours 'wow'd' me to bits!! You're extremely talented, graceful, a wonderful dancer and soooo fluid - loved your 'belly dance on a drum' - really wonderful!"

    "Best hagallah instruction I have seen to date. Thank you."

    "A remarkably amazing teacher, and an amazing performer too. Thank you, Belynda."